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Why do you offer an engagement shoot?

We’re playing a pretty important role in a very important day and there’s rarely time for introductions and ice-breakers on that adrenalin-fuelled morning. Most people aren’t used to being photographed as much as they will be on their wedding day, so it helps to ease you in. We find that it’s always mutually beneficial – it lets you get comfortable with the way we shoot, and we find out how you work it in front of the cameras and what you really want from us.



But…we hate having our photos taken!

You’d be amazed at just how many couples kick off the engagement shoot by telling us that they hate having their photo taken/they’ve never liked a single photo of themselves/they’re worse than Chandler Bing. If this is you, you’ll love the way we work! Most of the time, you’ll hardly notice we’re there, and when we do step in to do a spot of subtle organisation we’ll work with you rather than at you.



How long do we wait after the wedding to get our photos?

It takes us four to five weeks to work through your wedding photos, edit them and get them to you.



How many photos do you take at a wedding?

We take about 3000 photos at a wedding. Lots of these will be multiple frames to avoid focus issues or blinkers, and we work in the days following your wedding to filter them down to the cream of the crop. This is usually 350-500 images, but every wedding is different.



Why are there two of you?

We always cover every wedding together, and there are so many benefits to shooting as a pair. It means that in the morning, one of us can be with the groom as he gets geared up, and one of us can be with the bride while she’s getting prepared. It means that there’s someone waiting with an emotional groom at the top of an aisle and someone following a nervous bride as she approaches him, and two angles capturing every moment you’re together at the altar and not missing a single thing. And then, when the party starts, there are two photographers weaving unobtrusively around your guests and catching all the laughter, tears and happiness that exists because you just got married.



Can I share them on Facebook?

You certainly can. You’ll have printing and sharing rights to the images which allows you to share the photos with friends and family privately without limits, and print them for personal use. You can share any of the images from your own Facebook as long as you credit them to us somewhere on the post.



“I’m not bothered about group photos but my mum really wants some…”

We’re very happy to have a list of more traditional group shots from you and capture these alongside our natural, reportage images. Most of the time we follow the lead of your wedding day, but it’s a strong tradition to have photographs with your family, friends and favourites and we would never deny this.



Do you offer bespoke packages?

We know just how unique weddings can be, so we are able to negotiate our packages to work with what you need. Just get in touch and we can have a go at sorting something out.



Are you insured?




Do you need feeding on the wedding day?

We would LOVE to be fed while you and your guests eat your wedding meal. During dinner, we put our cameras down for a little while and take a break (we’ve learnt that no-one likes a photo of themselves piling a loaded fork into their mouth…) and if you could arrange for some food to come our way we’d be forever grateful!