Tim & Emma’s Engagement – sneak peek

Coffee Culture: The Forum Coffee House

One of the reasons we love Bath is for its plethora of independent cafés! It was lovely to stumble across this little gem on St James Parade; friendly staff, good vibes and great coffee. Couldn’t resist taking a few shots…


Forum Café-10

Forum Café-6

Forum Café-9

Forum Café-1

Forum Café-2

Forum Café-3

Forum Café-5

Forum Café-7

Forum Café-11

Forum Café-8



Life Lately… – Lucy

What do you do when you have a bit of time free between wedding seasons? There was only one reasonable answer. So I went and booked a ticket to Australia…


Australia Blog-1

Australia Blog-2

Australia Blog-3

Australia Blog-4

Australia Blog-5

Australia Blog-6

Australia Blog-7

Australia Blog-8

Australia Blog-9

Australia Blog-10

Australia Blog-11

Australia Blog-12

Australia Blog-13

Australia Blog-14

Australia Blog-15

Australia Blog-16

Australia Blog-17

Australia Blog-18

Australia Blog-19

Australia Blog-20

Australia Blog-21

Australia Blog-22

Australia Blog-23

Australia Blog-24

Australia Blog-25

Australia Blog-26

Australia Blog-27

Australia Blog-28

Australia Blog-29

Australia Blog-30

Australia Blog-31

Australia Blog-32

Australia Blog-33

Australia Blog-34

Australia Blog-35

Australia Blog-36

Australia Blog-37

Australia Blog-38

Australia Blog-39

Australia Blog-40

Australia Blog-41

Australia Blog-42

Australia Blog-43

Australia Blog-44

Australia Blog-45

Australia Blog-46

Australia Blog-47

Australia Blog-48

Australia Blog-49

Australia Blog-50

Australia Blog-51

Australia Blog-52

Australia Blog-53

Australia Blog-54

Australia Blog-55

Australia Blog-56

Australia Blog-57

Australia Blog-58

Australia Blog-59

Australia Blog-60

Australia Blog-61

Australia Blog-62

Australia Blog-63

Australia Blog-64

Australia Blog-65

Australia Blog-66

Australia Blog-67

Australia Blog-68

Australia Blog-69

Australia Blog-70

Australia Blog-71

Australia Blog-72

Australia Blog-73

Australia Blog-74

Australia Blog-75

Australia Blog-76

Australia Blog-77

Australia Blog-78