Wedding recces…

We love each venue we photograph for being so different and special to our couples, but last week’s wedding took place in a mini paradise. A quick snap of Lucy exploring the grounds on our recce…


Jasmine & Prarthana’s Wedding | Priston Mill

Jasmine & Prarthana avoided the April showers and got married under sun and blue skies at Priston Mill.


These wonderful two had waited for over a year for a visa that would mean they could marry and live together in England, and their wedding day exploded with the love, happiness, tears and relief of friends, family and this beautiful young couple.


Holly & Jonathan Engagement

We spent a beautiful bank holiday weekend strolling around Bath’s parks and taking photos of some lovely couples. Holly and Jonathan were first, and after a quick coffee at Society CafĂ© we went to find some blossoms. Fingers crossed the weather stays this nice for their big day!