Grace (portrait)

Part One: Breton shirt, window light and smoke (inspired by Jean Seberg in Breathless. We love that film right now).

Part Two: Her head in the clouds – taken on the roofs of Bath.

Georgina & Her Girls (portrait)

Gorgeous George can sing – boy can she sing – and we went out into the parks of Cardiff to take some photos that she could use to promote herself and her voice. It really felt like Spring with the cherry blossoms out in full bloom, and at the end of our shoot (which she absolutely nailed) George’s daughters jumped in for a few very giggly photographs.


Shabby Chic Parties

A few weeks ago, we had a photo session with the lovely Jess from Shabby Chic Parties to show off her amazing collection of vintage crockery and table wear. We love working with new businesses like Jess’s, especially if it involves drinking fizz from a teacup. Shabby Chic Parties are based in Gloucestershire and you can hire them for weddings or parties or any event that you want to make absolutely freaking beautiful.